CNC Cutting

Our studio specializes in precision cutting using advanced computerized CNC machinery. Our CNC machine is capable of cutting boards up to 244x122 cm and can handle materials with a thickness of up to 20 cm.

The cutting process begins with the creation of a computerized vector cutting plan. This plan serves as the blueprint for translating the cutting program into a specialized code that the CNC machine can interpret. It enables the machine to execute precise cuts and engravings according to the specified coordinates and program instructions.

We employ a milling method for cutting, which allows us to work with a variety of milling tools to achieve diverse and customized results. Our expertise extends to cutting a wide range of materials, including aluminum, PVC, acrylic plexiglass, dibond, and more.

Our services cover a spectrum of cutting needs, from creating intricate formal cuts to precise lettering and vector file cutting, as well as text engraving and more.

Whether you have an existing design or model that requires cutting or if you need assistance in designing a model for your cutting project, we invite you to reach out to us. Our team is ready to provide expert advice and offer a competitive quote tailored to your specific project requirements.