Sublimation Printing on 3mm Wood by Unisub

Sublimation printing, renowned for its vibrant and long-lasting color reproduction, takes on a unique charm when applied to wood, marrying the organic texture of the material with high-definition imagery. Unisub's process for printing on 3-6 mm wood showcases this synthesis of nature and technology.

Wooden Coasters
Wooden Coasters
Wooden Coasters


  1. Material: The 3-6 mm wood substrate provides a natural and sturdy canvas, enhancing the overall aesthetic with its grain and character. This tactile depth combined with the visual depth of sublimation printing results in a truly captivating finished product.
  2. Finishes:
  3. Floating Subframe: An innovative touch to the traditional framing approach, the floating subframe not only serves as a robust hanging system but also gives the printed wood a floating effect on the wall. This levitating appearance adds depth and a contemporary flair to the display.
  4. Versatility: Apart from being a favored choice for wall art, Unisub's sublimation printing on wood also extends to functional art pieces. The 9x9 cm coasters are a testament to this. They not only serve as protective barriers for your furniture but also as conversation starters, thanks to the vivid prints and the natural allure of wood.
Wooden Coasters

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In essence, Unisub's approach to sublimation printing on wood encapsulates a perfect blend of nature's raw beauty with the finesse of modern printing techniques. Whether it's an art piece that adorns your wall or a coaster sitting elegantly on your table, the charm of wood combined with the brilliance of sublimation printing ensures that it stands out.


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